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Solo Guitarist
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2015年11月、1st Album『INTENSE HEALING』(全7曲収録)をリリース


2016年10月22日、TEDxTokyo.2016 に出演し、「DEEP BLUE」を演奏。

2017年9月7日、SingularityU Japan Summit に出演。



2020年11月1日、三軒茶屋Heaven's Doorにて亮弦-Ryogen-祭を開催し、2nd Album『PHOENIX IN THE SPACE』(全10曲収録)のリリースを発表。


With only a single guitar, the sounds he produced stretch from the bottom of the sea to the farthest reaches of heaven, a bountiful sound that seems almost rewrite all creation.

Born in Yokkaiichi, Mie prefecture, Japan in 1982.

November 2015, 1st album “INTENSE HEALING” release (7 song compilation)

He had just been thrown into a battle with lymphoma, but refusing to take himself from his creative expression, he kept performing on stage all the while he was undergoing treatment.

Losing all of his hair at the hands of anti cancer drugs, he started implementing body paint and video into his performance, reaching for an even higher level of artistic expression.

October 22 2016 he performed in “TEDxTokyo.2016” and performed “DEEP BLUE”

September 7 2017 he performed in “SingularityU Japan Summit”

September 18 2017, he left this earth and went to eternal peace. His passion for artistic creation never left him, even unto his last breath.

After his death, the production staff who witnessed the album production complete his work.

November 1 2020 there was held “Ryogen Festival” in memory of him at
Sangenjaya Heaven’s Door and the announcement of the release of his 2nd album “PHOENIX IN THE SPACE”

CD album release started on January 11, 2021 on the BASE sales site.

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